Tuesday, June 6

This dressing is very tangy and flavourful

Here's a little something to stave off the negative allusions associated with 06/06/06. Now with that out of the way, let's talk about salad and what it can do for you. There's a new philosophy making the rounds in the marketplace which can be encapsulated thus: "If it's good enough to splash vinaigrette on, it's good enough to wear."

It's a shame that most people don't consider checking their fridge crisper drawers first before shopping for clothes. If you look beyond the antioxidants and vitamins, you might just find that vegetables are an important source of vibrant but wearable garments.

The beauty of a tomato head dress is that it can be picked apart to add a real buzz and energy to any live performance, even if you are just an audience member. At any point in time there will be a number of people who make perfect targets for tomato throwing, whether it's the ham actor on stage or the person heckling you from behind because their view has been blocked by your ginormous hat.

Carrots, when eaten, converts into vitamin A which helps to improve vision. Carrots, when worn, not so beneficial for the eyesight.

Sliced fruit really dresses up a plain tunic the same way that it does to a rum punch. I'm getting inebriated in delight with just looking at all the pretty colours.

The full lettuce skirt keeps you looking cool and graceful during the sweltering summer days. But beware of the pervert in sequins and tight shorts who wants to sample your wares. He's really only interested in having a piece of your skirt, not what's under it!

Oh look, it's Tequila Cat's owner, ready and packed for a picnic with beltful of beets and a basket of unidentified yellow goo.

As it is, we've barely scratched the surface of salad fashion for there is plenty more that the fertile mind can create with chili and corn, mini tomatoes and delectable watermelons. However when faced with the incorrigible asparagus, eggplant and the like, there is little one can do other than to produce the most phallically suggestive dress known to mankind.

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Nothing here that Princess Caroline hadn't thought of in the 18th century.


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