Thursday, June 1

Hitch your wagon to a star

Undeveloped countries that have already been shortlisted for the birth of the next Jolie-Pitt baby

GDP per capita: $1200
Pros: Lack of selection of luxury resorts but migrant workers can be diverted from agricutural production to build a suitable abode
Cons: Middle America may have difficulties pronouncing and spelling town names like Ouagadougou

GDP per capita: $1300
Pros: People carrying long lens cameras are shot on sight
Cons: Brad doesn't want any child of his being born in a country with the word "booty in it"

GDP per capita: $400
Pros: Good opportunity for Maddox to see a Komodo dragon up close
Cons: Citizens are more concerned with fleeing violence rather than welcoming celebrity guests

GDP per capita: $1000
Pros: Known in ancient times as Land of the Gods which is only fitting
Cons: Tense relations with Ethiopia, could have problems bringing Zahara in

GDP per capita: $1200
Pros: Lions and tigers, only in Kenya
Cons: Been there, done that

GDP per capita: $1800
Pros: Offered to have the words "Team Jolie" inscribed on the national flag
Cons: Hard to find good travel guides on this region

GDP per capita: $900
Pros: Local currency is classified as one of the world's least valued currency units, meaning that the US dollar goes a long long way
Cons: May be a little old hat already, thanks to the movie of the same name

GDP per capita: $1000
Pros: Promised to immortalise the Jolie-Pitts by carving giant faces of each family member into the side of a mountain
Cons: May spawn a new rash of email scams asking for your help to transfer Brangelina donated funds back to the US where they so rightfully belong

GDP per capita: $1800
Pros: Operates under a notoriously secretive dictatorship, which sounds somewhat novel and exciting in a spyish way
Cons: Kim Jong Il and his relentless criticism of the state of modern cinema

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At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a Kenya lion plushie.



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