Friday, May 26

It would be such a shame to throw them out

What to do with your designer jeans when they are no longer the hot new cult brand of the moment

Turn them into environmentally friendly cotton insulation for your home

Hide outdated stitching and other distinctive garment details under leather holsters

Pass them down to future generations as a treasured heirloom in the hope they will appreciate in value instead of being remembered as a discontinued lower-end goods.

Set them on fire and wait for the hunky firefighters to arrive

Whip up a pair of utilitarian but adorable overalls for your pet and send them out to work in the fields

Use the remainder to crudely fashion a denim bikini for the summer

Shrink them mercilessly and pass them off as toddler couture to conspicuously consumptive parents

Convert to Islam and deem them your prayer pants

Dye selective areas and give yourself a round of applause for doing such a sterling job

Roll them into a ball with all your other pairs of unwanted jeans and leave it lying around for people to gawk at

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