Tuesday, May 23

It's good to be domesticated

What a heartening sight! My faith in humanity is restored! It seems like China has finally seen the error of its ways and accepted that little dogs do belong in clothing after all. See how besotted little "Dollar" is with wearing his spiffy neckerchief. Oh it's good to be domesticated. So good that Beijing is now home to Asia's largest dog theme park .

The Coolbaby Theme Park features the nation's first pet restaurant where dogs are treated as valued patrons rather than valued appetizers. How the tables have turned! They can even pee into their owner's drinks for fun.

They get to order from the a-la-carte menu, plus they don't even need to learn proper table manners or correct silverware usage.

The park's recreational facilities are without peer. There are obstacle courses, a playground where frisbees and sticks can be rented for a modest fee and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Here they can time each other doing laps and bark words of encouragement from poolside like "Omigod that bitch is catching up. Faster, faster!"

And the clothes...did I mention the clothes? In this genteel country-club like atmosphere, it is only natural to find pets looking their Sunday best everyday! "Little Orange" needed 4 visits from the couturier to get the ruffles just so.

With amount of pets just clamouring to sniff butts and be sniffed up the butt at this joint, it's practically a given that Coolbaby is booked out on most days. If you are a dogowner in China, you'd best make reservations because if not, wouldn't you just end up looking small and foolish then.

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At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Jennie said...

i'm going to be visiting beijing in a few weeks and your post makes me wish i was bringing my dog along. do you know any places in beijing where i can find cute doggy clothing? chinadawl@gmail.com. thanks!

At 12:31 PM, Blogger The Oriental Queen said...

ooh, if only my country had something like that!


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