Tuesday, June 13

Lightweight and flighty are in

Style.com is telling us that feathers are summer's must-haves. Who am I to argue with such a firm declaration. Instead I will show you the many many ways in which you can wear feathers, each more delightful than the next. You might just learn something and if not, well then chalk it up to good taste and breeding.

Naturally our starting point is Cher. What she doesn't know about feathers isn't worth knowing at all. She likes to keep her drag impersonators on their toes which is why she designed this particular pair of thigh high boots, which come with their own feather boas.

When it comes to hats though, you have to defer to Shirley Bassey. Best known for her big brassy booming voice. Which is why she needs a hat with superior muffling properties, so that she can hear herself think during her brilliantly bombastic live performances.

Feathers also make well-insulated sleeves to keep the arms warm, unlike say giraffe skin which has a tendency to split and reveal what type of push-up bra you are wearing underneath.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jennifer Connelly show us how to puff out the plumage to make things bigger than they seem. Although if you have seen some of Jennifer Connelly's early movies (but not so early as Labyrinth) you will know that she doesn't really need assistance in that department.

FACT: Before Christina Aguilera entered her Marilyn Monroe phase, she once got ready for a red carpet appearance by smearing herself in fake tan and rolling around in feathers, thus coining the expression "to tan and feather".
MYTH: No flamingos were hurt in the making of the dress

Finally, even the average bespectacled Chinese guy is partial to a bit of winged fancy. As in the wild, these feathers remain strictly ornamental for the purpose of attracting mates and scaring off potential rivals, predators and anyone else really.

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