Wednesday, June 7

Overheard in a playground for very spoiled kids

Yo mama so dumb she took Paxil instead of vitamins for post-partum depression!

Oh yeah, well yo mama so crazy she signed a contract with Tom Cruise!

What the hell are you staring at? Yo mama so pretentious she said "I just do things I think will be interesting and that have integrity. I hate those tacky, pointless, big, fluffy, unimportant movies” as well as "When you reach the pinnacle of your success at 26, as I did, it's not healthy.”

Nuh uh, yo mama so boringly derivative she dresses you up in Harajuku street fashion.

Oh no it's those stupid redhead twins. Hey yo mama such a bad actress she can't even open a Broadway show.

So's yo mama! Not to mention she has the dodgiest taste in men too.

Yo mama so out of shape, she can't even arouse Donald Trump anymore!

STFU who the hell yo mama anyway? Yo mama so unimportant nobody even remembers whether she was Romy or Michele.

Get lost! Yo mama..uh...uh..yo mama so fine both my parents want to elope to Africa with her!

Shut up just shut up everyone! Stop talking smack about yo mamas or I'll tell my mama what a trashy bunch y'all are!


At 1:40 AM, Blogger paradise said...

oh spirit fingers, you could win the wilmer valderrama's yo momma face-off anyday. :)


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