Thursday, December 2

San-X Universe

We all know that Hello Kitty reigns supreme in the Sanrio universe but allow me to introduce some of my favourite characters from the parallel universe of San-X. It's definitely a darker and more perverse place than Sanrio, a place where a puppy can go unabashedly by the name Petite Wanko and the Cheese Head family runs stinkingly amok. The biggest drawcard of San-X characters are their mini biographies simply because the Japanese have a way with words that even a thousand monkeys typing randomly on thousand typewriters over a thousand years could not emulate.

Afro Ken

Afro Ken is a dog that upon first sight leaves a strong impression that you will not forget! Afro Ken is very mysterious - especially in North America. Innocent, blameless Afro Ken surprises many people.

Afro Ken has been around for a couple of years now and despite pretenders to the throne like first Australian Idol Afro Guy, his popularity shows no signs of waning. His extended family tree and constant evolution smacks of a cheap marketing ploy but who am I to lay such accusations on innocent, blameless Afro Ken?


Kogepan means "Burnt Bread" in Japanese. He was made of the best bean paste ingredient, yet he was accidentally burnt in the oven. No customers wanna buy a burnt piece of bread, and that's all Kogepan want to be is to be bought. His depression drives him to many things, like smoking and drinking (Kogepan gets drunk on milk), and he often times tries to pass himself as one of the popular breads at the bakery.

I wasn't initially impressed by his bland appearance but his brooding manner has a tendency to grow on you until you start to think hey maybe he's not such a bad guy after all. Maybe, just maybe, if he asked...or I casually slipped it into conversation, we could go on a date....or a two. I might be the One who can save him from his dark side. And if, no, WHEN I do so, he'll fall hopelessly in love with me and we'll have an entire bakery of babies together. Wow, San-X really knows how to tug on the female heartstrings.

Relax Bear

Relax Bear loves pancakes, cookies and tissues. He makes a mess sometimes, and he's not very good at cleaning up after himself. And sometimes his little feathered friend nags him and gives him a hard time, like biting his tail. He's not selfish, he's just not very good at sharing his cookies. Relax Bear like to wear bear suits with a zipper on the back, and he has many of them. Altho he still is a bear underneath the bear suit, sometimes you see his blue polka dot garment when the zipper is down. Relax Bear also owns a graber for times when he doesn't feel like getting up. But he's not lazy, he is just Relax Bear. Relax bear now has a Little Bear buddy! The Little Bear is kinda mischevious, likes music, dancing, pancakes (of course!) and drawing. Sometimes, the Little Bear draws on Relax Bear's face (and his butt too) when Relax Bear is taking a nap.

Relax Bear is my current favourite. What's there not to love? A bear wearing a bear suit who can't be bothered to wipe himself clean with tissues after making an embarrassing mess. Out of all the San-X characters, he probably has the most enviable life - a typical day would consist of hanging out, watching tv, listening to music, a hot bath, snacking, more hanging out and the occasional spooning with a friend. However I'm not so keen on his friend Little Bear. If you watch this clip and look at the picture below, what he does to the little bird is illegal in many countries.

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At 3:03 PM, Blogger surtr said...

Relax Bear sounds like a furry. And given the size of his little friend, he's narrowly missed being picked up by cops in that Australian kiddiporn bust.

Oh wait, he's Jap, isn't he? My bad.

At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, that is a funny one, have you considered to translate it to really figure out what in the world the bear is doing?

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous  said...

LOL! I thought i was the only one who had an Afro Ken or anything that has to do with Afro Ken! I got one of those rainbow haired dogs at the doller store for $1.39 (?). You might not put cuss words on your blog though. 12 year olds like me get in trouble with their parents for going on sites with cuss words on them no matter how innocent they are.

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