Thursday, April 27

OK by me in America!

I like to be in A-me-ri-ca! Many hellos in A-me-ri-ca! I am back from A-me-ri-ca! All the fast food and tv you could ever possibly hope to consume! What more could you ask for in life? If somebody would buy me a luxury beachside condo-mansion (with maid service) and a fuel-efficient luxury car I would gladly live there.

Ah holidays, the only thing that can make the loathsomeness of work slightly bearable. However getting there and back is always challenging. Why must people pack everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink in their carry-on luggage? Why would anyone waste one inflight entertainment channel on Aeon Flux? Why does the food smell like, but taste worse than, burnt rubber? Why are there always footprints on the toilet seat?

Yet it was all worth it so I could be near Suri Cruise when she silently entered the world. LA was certainly expansive and expensive! But apart from doing a little shopping, I can't really remember what else I got up to. The nights in particular seemed to pass by in a blur.

The highlight of the vacation though was San Francisco. SF in SF, how positively droll! Besides checking out the famous attractions, I also had the chance to enjoy the city's vibrant Chinatown. In fact, there were some awfully familiar sights.

All on the same ferry trip! And in the same tour group even! It's like I never left home.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger surtr said...

are you SURE you didn't just land in surfers by mistake?


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