Sunday, September 5

Ciao bella!

I will be holidaying in Italy during the next week or so, but blogging will continue as normal. AS IF!! I'm going to a place where the shopping, sightseeing and fine dining is as ample as the bosom of Monica Bellucci (by the way how hard is it to find a picture of her on the internet where her puppies are not hanging out of the car window). So no new posts until I return. In the meantime, why don't you go shopping instead, especially those who are funded by Daddy Visa?

I am so psyched about the whole thing that I already did some pre-travel shopping to get me in the mood. Ahhhh I love the smell of Florentine leather in the morning! Also looking forward to passing through Rome. Apparently its Colosseum is very different to the Hong Kong Coliseum:

You Like, You Buy Vol 4

SEMK ( is a Hong Kong design company that makes "Ooh where did you get that?" type of home accessories. Just like MORN, the letters SEMK stand for a bunch of random but soothing sounding words: Simple design, Emotional expression, Multiple functions and meticulous Knack.

Their motto reads like the inane phrases you see written on cute Japanese stationery: Life is an appreciation. To believe what you don't believe is a brave and humor.

The rest of the company's philosophy uses the same monkeys on typewriters approach and there is much talk of heart-by-heart, living in an ultra-free time and the central alphabet "I". You cannot make this stuff up, go and see for yourself.

SEMK's products include clocks, mini bean bag holders, mini speakers, ashtrays and other novelty items. I don't really need any of the following items but my life is all the better for knowing that they exist (that was very brave and humor of me, yes?):

Baby Leg mini bean bag holder

Mnimal Wall clock

Porcupine toilet paper roll holder