Sunday, August 20

Southward ho

As autumn fast approaches, people are scrambling for exciting ways in which to spend the final, dying days of summer. The most obvious choice is to hang out by the pool in the hope that you will catch the eye of Matthew McConaughey. However I have chosen the lesser trodden path to Sydney to enjoy the last remains of a balmy winter.

Unlike Mischa Barton however, I will not demand an exorbitant appearance fee to dress up in hideous native creations. No, no, I will pay for these entirely on my account. I already have my eye on a splotchy high-waisted jumpsuit thingy that will go nicely with an urban poseur attitude.

While I am away on vacation, I suggest you avoid doing work as well. Catch up on cornucopia of imagery available on teh interweb. Lose your pants in a giant vat of chocolate. And grab the nearest deckchair that isn't already occupied by a miniature pig and soak up the sun.

Next update: Wednesday August 30