Friday, September 2

Y'all can come back now

Thank God almighty, I'm free at last! If you were wondering I've been doing for the past month, rest assured it was somewhat legal and marginally beneficial to society. There is absolutely no correlation with the fact that Martha Stewart has also ended her home confinement at the same time. So much has happened in the past month (like somebody impregnated Courtney Love? WTF?) so this blog has a lot of catching up to do. I predict that it should be back on track by say..mid-next year.

The downside of being stuck indoors for the good part of summer means that I didn't even get to enjoy the beach. What a crying shame, because I heard that miniscule bikinis were all the rage this summer.

As were speedos.

Thursday, September 1

V Neck or Cowl Neck?

V Neck

Cowl Neck

Which one for a night on the town?

Wednesday, August 31

Boho or hobo?



Which one would you hang out with?

Tuesday, August 30

Ruffles or lace?



Seriously, make a choice.

Monday, August 29

Shoulder exposing or cleavage revealing?

Shoulder exposing

Cleavage revealing

Which look is sexier?

(Only one week more till regular blogging commences)