Thursday, July 8

Shopping and Lifestyle

Whatever happened to plain old asses milk?
Economies of scale
Hot careers 2006
Wealth and progress
You will be greeted warmly on arrival
Never skimp on food
Stress puppies
The art of seduction
How to prevent unwanted houseguests
Smooth as ice
When you love your woman more than your stonewash jeans
It's the gift that counts
Shopping rage
Extending my audience reach
It's the thought that counts
Making your relationship work
Crazy patents
Not everyone likes their gifts fully clothed
More gratuitous than you could ever hope for
I found these behind the drier
Pageant pageant everywhere
It takes diff'rent strokes to move the world
Making sense of men's fragrance ads
Underpants fun run
Disrupting a delicate balance
Neiman Marcus Christmas Book
Romancing the dog
More emotions per dollar
Summer interns
Bring on the dolls
Chocolate merchandise
Think of the poultry
Land of the free, home of the brave
Quite a success
Father's Day gift list
Dressing the animal kingdom
Dysfunctionally ever after
Did I say that out loud?
Commanding respect for your pet
Skimpy heroics
Mother's Day selections
For hire
New appointments and promotions
Boxers, briefs and more
Women Drivers
Pick a gender, any gender
Die wallets die
Five six, grab your chocolate crucifix
Essential party items: Part 2
Essential party items: Part 1
Pleats please
Stay Stout>
Easy Expression
Keeping it pure
Inappropriate body parts
Great strides in panties (Part 2)
Great strides in panties (Part 1)
Bambi with Love
Vacuum Cleaner Beauties
Love is in the air
Personal Hygiene
Hot careers 2005
Spandex Bond
Yes Virginia
Buy Nothing campaign
Return of the Dog
Reading Club Selections

Wednesday, July 7

Hong Kong shopping guide (part 2)

If there's a specific shop you want to find, email me. I don't do markets or warehouse outlets though.

Get off at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station (Exit A1 for Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard, Harbour City and Canton Road, Exit B for Granville Road, Exit E for Sheraton Shopping Arcade). Refer to this map.

Shopping Centres
Harbour City (actually consisting of several shopping centres joined together - Ocean Terminal, Ocean Centre, Harbour City and LCX).
Miramar Shopping Centre

Shopping Streets
Canton Road
Shops and shopping buildings include Silvercord Building (no.30), DKNY, Armani Exchange, Replay, Lippo Sun Plaza (no. 28), DFS Galleria and One Peking Road (corner of Peking and Canton Rds).

Granville & Chatham Roads
Shops and shopping buildings include Rise Commercial Building (no.5-11 Granville Circuit), Beverley Commercial Centre (87-105 Chatham Road).

Nathan Road
Shops and shopping buildings include Sheraton Hotel Shopping Arcade (no.20), Sisley & Bennetton (no. 23), Esprit Outlet (no.23-25), Hyatt Regency Hotel Shopping Arcade (no. 67) and Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard (no.111-183).

Salisbury Road
Peninsula Hotel shopping arcade
Star Computer City in Star House (no. 3)

Shopping Centres
Get off at Kowloon Tong MTR Station Exit C.
Festival Walk

Get off at Mongkok MTR Station (Exit B3 for Grand Century Place, Exit E2 for Mongkok Computer Centre).
Shopping Centres
Grand Century Place
Langham Place Mall (opening in August)
Mongkok Computer Centre

Shopping Streets
Argyle Street
Shopping Buildings include Sincere Podium (no.83).

Nathan Road
Shopping Buildings include Trendy Zone (No.580A), Sino Centre (No.582-592), Chong Hing Square (No.593-601), Grand Plaza (No.639), Argyle Centre (No.688).

Sai Yeung Choi Street
Shopping Buildings include CMTA (No.1) and Ginza Plaza (No.2A).

Get off at Sham Shui Po MTR Station Exit D2.
Shopping Centres
Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Centre

Ferry to Hung Hom ferry pier for Fisherman's Wharf and Whampoa World.
Get off at Hung Hom KCR Station for Metropolis Mall.
Shopping Centres
Fisherman's Wharf
Metropolis Mall
Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa

Shopping Centres
Get off at Sha Tin KCR Station.
New Town Plaza


Dodgy fashion

The case for fashion belts
Thank you for flying the boorish skies
And the bride wore a bikini
Dressing for the time poor
Thanks for the hand-knitted g-string grandma
Foreign fashion customs
Increasing shock value
What a tangled mess we weave
Discovering new horizons
It's all about the bottom line
How to spot a fake Fendi
Lightweight and flighty are in
The dating game
This dressing is very tangy and flavourful
When going au naturel is not an option
It would be such a shame to throw them out
You don't need to understand the lyrics
Of dirndls and panties
Tulips and pansies oh my
Say it with a ring
Soccer can get fiercely competitive
Backstage at Australian Fashion Week
We take our fashion very seriously
Whatever goes on the models stays on
If the shoe fits wear it on your head
Louis Vuitton one click shopping
Don't you know it's rude to stare
The many faces of Anna
The customer expectation gap
The preferred activity is skiing
Nice body, pity about the face
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time

Managing your risk exposure

State of the fashion union
Decoding Brazilian dress codes
Wet mop on aisle 2
Precocious fashion victims
Bargains galore
Gardening glamour
Two birds with one stone
Startling new fashion collaborations
The Debutante Ball
The element of surprise
Better than Robin Williams in a prosthetic mask
Another year of sexy
Forging a fashion identity
Pain, suffering, inconvenience and the like
All creatures great and small
Dressing for simplicity and comfort
Getting the most out of your face
The pursuit of active luxury
Fall fashion trend: Bows
A watch for every occasion
The state of men's tennis
Beirut Fashion Week
Famous Fashion Fables
Do you IPEX
Great expectations
Waste not want not
Get the pregnant look
Royal asshat
Summer break: Paris
Hottest must-have trendy chocolates
Lose the Hair
Pimp My Wrist
Get the Look
Miss Universe tourism slogans
Miss Universe: The Major Players
Rock fashion
Back in the saddle
Watching each other's backs
Courtroom drama
Wedding gown challenge
Spring break III: Beijing
Workplace conversations
Just Out shoes
Missed connections
The state of one's cuticles
Hit me with some modesty
Mardi Bras
Hot looks for the wintry season
Lock up your daughters
My skincare line
Three bad haircuts
Rejected muppets
I like big feet and I cannot lie
Hobo chic
Dazzzle me
Knit one, buy one
Dressing with attitude
Affordable luxury
Flashy style
Manolo aptitude test
Application to Armani
Italian for fugly
Iced bikini
Coismic coiffure
NY Fashion Week: Part 2
NY Fashion Week: Part 1
What, no Mrs Buscemi?
Shoes Maketh the Woman
Dear Spirit Fingers
These boots are made for puking
One style fits all
J'Abhor Dior
Prison chic
Aussie oy vey
Sky high fashion
Spherical miracles
Put them away please
Beware of the genuine article
Smart clothing (in a non-fashion sense)
Something rotten in the house of Chanel
Prada party is not pretty

Tuesday, July 6

HK and Asia

Miss Teen Cosplay 2006
Robots you need to have at some point in the future
You can't have your doughnut and eat it too
Try these out on your Chinese friends
The defining stages of HK pop stardom
Everything is bigger in China
It's good to be domesticated
Plenty of reason to celebrate
Tall tales from the mystical Far East
Fitness DVDs as reviewed by a fat cat in China
Give me some of that western influence
Kiss the V-girls
Happy Lunar New Year
Asian Excellence Awards
Setting a dangerous precedent
I hope pandas aren't the litigious kind
To boldly go where no panda has gone before
Come on in, the water's great
Christmas in Korea: a multidomain affair
Quid pro quo
A battle of equals
What every self-respecting man should own
OMG so effing cute
In cuteness and in health
Just pick two already
My what big biceps you have
HK shopping news
Maxim's girl of the day
Memoirs of a French maid
Asian auto shows
Hong Kong fashion week challenge
Credit card ratings
Opportunities abound
Hong Kong shopping festival
Protein-rich alternatives
Statistics be damned
Hot discussion topics
Donate to pandas
Stud Wars
Spring Break III: Beijing
Macroeconomics and stuff 101
Hot careers 2005 redux
Rags to riches
Pepsi degeneration
Hip Temples 2005
Happy Chinese New Year
Prosperity Pals
Street Hustlers
Public Service Announcement
Harvey Nichols in HK
Real ASEAN bond
Xmas freakshow
Sale season
HK vs Sydney: Branson decides
Burger babes
HK tourism milestone
San-X universe
Harlot Kitty
Dog treat or Chinese herb
Hooters Shanghai
What's in a name?
J'aime Hong Kong
Little Blonde Book
Hong Kong popstuds
Hyperboy and friends
Pets and candy
Get them while they're hot
Spherical miracles
Geisha grrl

Hong Kong shopping guide (part 1)

If there's a specific shop you want to find, email me. I don't do markets or warehouse outlets though.

Get off at Central MTR Station (Exit D for Pedder St, Exit E for Chater House, Exit G for The Landmark, Exit K for Prince's Building, Exit H for Alexandra House).
Refer to this map.

Shopping Centres
All connected by overhead walkways.
Alexandra House
Chater House
IFC Mall
The Landmark
Prince's Building

Shopping Streets
On Lan Street
D-Mop (no.11)

Pedder Street
Shops & shopping buildings include Folli Follie (no.1-3), Shanghai Tang and the Pedder Building (no.12), On Pedder (no.20), Sergio Rossi (no.20), several shoe stores.

Queen's Road Central
Shops include i.t. and (no.10), Joyce (no.16), Marks & Spencer (no.22-28) Lane Crawford (no.64-70), many local brands, watch & jewellery stores.

Wyndham Street
Shops include Sistyr Sistyr (no.13), Sistyr Moon (no.14-16), Soul Sistyr (no.24), Hysteric Glamour (no.31) and small boutiques.


Shopping Centres
Connected by overhead walkways. Get off at Admiralty MTR Station Exit C1.
Pacific Place
Queensway Plaza

Get off at Wanchai MTR Station Exit B1 for Wanchai Computer Centre.
298 Computer Zone, 298 Hennessy Road
Wanchai Computer Centre, 130 Hennessy Road

Get off at Causeway Bay MTR Station (Exit A for Times Square, Exit D for Sogo, Exit E for Great George Street, Exit F for Mitsukoshi). Refer to this map.

Shopping Centres
Lee Gardens One & Two
Times Square
World Trade Centre

Shopping Streets
Great George Street
Shops and shopping buildings include Island Beverley (no.1), Causeway Place (no.2-10), Fashion Island (no. 19), Hang Lung Centre (actually 2-20 Paterson St), Style House shopping arcade on top of Park Lane Hotel (actually 310 Gloucester Rd), Seibu Department Store and In Square computer centre (in Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road).

Hennessy Road
Shops include Sogo Department Store (no.555 Sogo New Face opposite on East Point Road) and Mitsukoshi Department Store (no.500).

Paterson Street, Kingston Street & Cleveland Street
Refer to this map.

Shopping Centres
Get off at Tai Koo MTR Station Exit E1

Monday, July 5


Onerous concert guidelines
If she could talk to the animals
Celebrity tabloid apologies
Price reduced for a quick sale
From the lips of Lindsay
All this speculation is driving me crazy
What to get for Celebrity Father's Day
Overheard in a playground for very spoiled kids
Celebrity spelling bee
Hitch your wagon to a star
Logic and lateral thinking are optional
Premiering a movie nobody remembers
The clue is in the clothing
Let us help you help yourself
Coming to a newsstand near you
In which Pooh has the awesomest birthday ever
The best man speech at a soap opera wedding
What happens when creative juices dry up
In the Boardroom with Daddy Trump
Parlor games that might actually be fun
The many faces of Anna
The Posh Commandments
I am woman hear me roar
All the ladies love the Clooney
Mozart would have liked that
Deceptively simple revenge ideas from Martha Stewart Living
Transylvania Fashion Week
Sports Illustrated synopsis
Snippets from Tom Ford's inbox
Vote me some pants
Under the interrogation lamp
Decoding the body language of couples
The Brad Pitt Vacation
Let's not twist words
Babies rejected by Meg Ryan
Recent newspaper headlines that are extremely misleading
Golden Globes fashion preview
What would Jackie do?
Urbi et Orbi
Young Hollywood needs your support
The Truth About Diamonds
All good things must come to an end
I shall call them mini-Mimi
They grow up so fast
Like a Bai Ling
What the heck were they thinking?
Mask your fear
More alike than you think
Thoughts of a foetus
Hollywood Divorce Support Group
Bruce Willis Seal of Approval
Setting world records
Federline foot fashion
A creature of habit
I'll be there for you
Freshly honoured
Snap on smile
Commonly confused words
Celebrity weddings twenty years from now
Sexiest vegetarian
I loved this woman
Dropping the musical baton
Aging gracefully
Sifting through the cutting room floor
Rock fashion
Classy Cannes
Skimpy heroics
Watching each other's backs
You've come a long way Katie
Wardrobe maintenance with Alicia Keys
A global concern
Sly Moves
Position vacant
Rod Stewart's Standards
True royalty
A piece of Ireland
Sisters are doing it for themselves
Punching above his weight
A man's got to know his limitations
Lead us not into temptation
Career limiting move
Karl Lagerfeld diet
Kate Moss the trendsetter
Dead or alive
Bride of Trump
Stylin' JLo
I Stole Brad
Inaugural Wardrobe
Celebrity Lingerie 3 Way Smackdown
Heidi Klum Juggernaut
Hobo chic
Scarlett woman
Influential hairstyles
Turning to the dark side
Eastern-inspired pieces
Vision of love
Eating etiquette
Total eclipse of the skank
Little Blonde Book
Interview with Gwyneth Paltrow
The smell of cumming
Chop sucky