Friday, August 12

Little black dress or little black bikini?

Little black dress

Little black bikini

Which one never lets you down?

Thursday, August 11

Arctic or Tropic?



What is your body acclimatised to?

Wednesday, August 10

Jungle or City?



What's your natural habitat?

Tuesday, August 9

Black & White or Colour?

Black & White


Which do you prefer?

Monday, August 8

Celebrate good times come on!

It has come to my attention that some time last month this blog passed its first year. One whole year! That's about how long my feet have gone unwashed judging from the way they smell right now.

How little this blog has advanced from its initial objective of commenting on the things people wear and buy. Yet it has brought me so much joy to write about these things and for such a precious audience.

In order to celebrate that this milestone, I will be taking a couple of weeks off for rest and recreation. I suggest that you do the same thing too. It's the perfect time to throw down your handbag, kick off your heels and celebrate!

I will still be posting very graphic images of fashion runway roadkill regularly so you can check back and suffer through them to decide the worst of the worst. Remember there are no winners in this horrendous game.