Monday, December 26

What Would Jackie Do?

Now that all that Christmas debauchery is out of the way, have you made your New Year's resolutions yet? Well if not, use this week to get a headstart on improving yourself. There's never been a more opportune time because What Would Jackie Do? comes out on December 29th. Seriously if there's one thing we definitely need in this world, it's people who know how to shop, dress and put on fabulous dinner parties.

It's quite a unique self help-guide and contains lots of helpful tips for what to do when:
- your husband is elected President and you suddenly need over 300 elegant outfits for state visits and official functions
- you need to give the dreary old White House a fantastic makeover
- your husband's breathy-voiced blonde mistress appears on tv dressed in a skintight gown and pays tribute to him by singing "Happy Birthday" like a lapdance tune
- your son embarks on a relationship with Madonna
- The Grand Central Terminal is under threat of demolishment
- young vapid famewhores start taking your trademark over-sized sunglasses to ridiculous extremes and romping around wantonly with Greek shipping heirs

While you're busy learning how to be stylishly enigmatic, I will be on vacation for the rest of the week. It'll actually be a working vacation because.. well..because..someone needs to adapt What Would Jackie Do? for the local market.

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