Monday, October 2

Exit Stage Left (or Right)

It hasn't quite been 20 years but it's time to bid a tender goodbye and go gently into real life where many exciting new projects await. Thank you readers, thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys, thank you tormented artists masquerading as fashion designers, thank you celebrities and your vapid wanton ways, thank you for a real good time!

After 600-odd posts, it seems that there are no more words left to thump out, especially when confronted with an abomination such as this:

But don't despair it's not entirely over yet.

You can still catch me on Teh Interweb, churning out condensed matter on a daily basis. See you around and stay unfashionably clothed!

Sunday, October 1

Happy Birthday China

May the bricks of your enemies crumble into smithereens before your powerful forces

And may your pandas find the libido to multiply in Malthusian proportions