Monday, May 8

No you stay there and I'll come over instead

Barely enough time to settle back in my mosquito-ridden apartment and now I must duck out again for parts known. Let me give you a small hint to my whereabouts in the next week.

Hopefully this make things a bit more obvious, if you don't have an inkling by now.

OK, now is just a dead giveaway. Geez, do I have to spell it out for you folks?

Yes that's right, I will be marauding the city of London, the place that Sienna Miller put on the map, the place where there's an it girl to be found on every street corner. Forget about all this "The British are coming" nonsense, I'm going to the British instead. Unfortunately this trip is mostly about business, the only pleasure coming in the form of soaking up the legendary theatre scene. Posting will resume next Monday so in the meantime I invite you to give this "Anglomania" thing a shot.